Video Games

Video Games are not just one of the world’s favorite pastimes, but they are also a true phenomenon of 20th and 21st century. What started as an experiment by a physicist William Higinbotham, who created what was the earliest version of Pong, turned into an industry that generates as much as $80 billion a year! But they are much more than just that.

The Evolution of Video Games

For a long time, video games were considered to be a part of the geek and nerd subculture, and it was only at the end of the last century that they started to find their way into the mainstream culture. That brought a different perspective and some compromises, making games more commercial. But it also brought something good to the world of game development – big budgets. And when that combined with the rapid development of the PC hardware and consoles, everything lined up perfectly for the video game boom.

And soon, games were everywhere. There were some instant classics, with video game characters, like Mario Brothers, becoming celebrities. And even more than other media, games proved to adapt quickly – evolving, year by year, and using the best that hardware could offer, finding the new ways to capture the imagination of players. Over the decades, graphics changed from pixel art to photo-realistic models and environments. Augmented and Virtual Reality changed the way we think about games and the world around us. They grow, adapt and evolve, but one thing is for sure, for Tetris or Witcher, or any other of the great games out there, video games are a true multidisciplinary art of the 21st century.

Gaming Industry Today

It’s hard to talk about the gaming of today without mentioning some of the industry’s giants. Companies like Ubisoft, Nintendo, Blizzard or Sony, are spearheading the continuous evolution of video games. But arguably the most significant game development company today is Electronic Arts. Dating back to 1982 this company was the part of the initial wave of game developers, who brought gaming to the current level. And almost four decades later, it’s still going strong.

With tens of subsidiaries, including some legendary studios they acquired, like the famed Bioware, Electronic Arts is the company that delivers some of the most astonishing games of today. Their portfolio includes franchises such as Medal Of Honor, Battlefield, Dead Space, Dragon Age, Plants Vs Zombies, The Sims, FIFA, Mass Effect, Rock Band, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Titanfall and many others. One thing is for sure, with EA, you are always up for quality entertainment.

Video Games are the World's favourite pastime

The Future of Gaming

With mobile gaming on the rise, console companies boasting with amazing exclusive titles, and PC hardware surpassing the wildest dreams of gamers, there is no question if there is a bright future for video games. And with up and coming technologies, like virtual and augmented reality waiting for their big chance, it’s a sure thing that, in the years to come, we can expect the games to continue pushing the boundaries of imagination, technology, and entertainment.