Slots remain a favourite among avid casino players, mainly because of their simple concept; you place a wager and win according to the symbols that the reels stop on. That said, slot games have come a long way, with a huge number of them now included in online casino catalogues.

Understanding slot games

The most common types of slot games are 3- and 5-reel slots. These have either three or five reels across and three rows going down. On the grid are symbols, usually designed according to the needs and inspiration of the slot games’ developer. Players place wagers on each spin and win when three or more symbols(usually) of the same type land on the reels.

A brief history of slots

Slots have been played in casinos as long as casinos have existed. In their earliest form, they consisted of machines that would take coins or noted and then the reels spun using a lever. As technology has progressed, so have slot games. Games such as Voodoogreams Slots now have many more features, including bonuses, jackpots and the ability to set different numbers of paylines (where most of the wins occur).

Another great addition to slots games has been storylines. This has been made possible by the addition of bonus rounds in most slot games, with players getting into these bonus games by landing several special symbols, usually wilds or scatters. In these bonus games, players can follow some of the game’s characters, help them on their quest and even gamble with their wins. To top it all off, most modern slot games have better graphics than their older counterparts.

Slot games have come a long way

While it is true that slot games have come a long way, it is important to understand that there is still a long way to go. As casinos become more interactive, so will the complexity of these games continue to increase. This means that players will get games that they can enjoy a lot more while having the chance to get into the games a lot more. This is ultimately a good thing for casinos and players alike.

Slots Online - Both Fun and Rewards